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About The Faclities

Now Based In Epping Essex The Studio facilities include an extensive range of photographic props and on-site kitchen to create high quality digital photographs of all meal and food & drink types including ready meals, cereals, meat, poultry, fish, pies, pasta and salads.
Steve Payne Photography specialise in food & drink photography, for the Packaging, Advertising and retail markets.
Using Sinar View cameras with High end digital backs along with state of the art Broncolour lighting systems. We supply you the client with High Resolution Files up to 150 megabytes . We also have the facility to print to A3 either in RGB or CMYK to match your print profile. 

About Steve

Creative design along with mouth watering high impact food photography is vital to establish the brand message to the consumer for your food and drink lines. 
 A wealth of experience gained over a 20 year career in the photographic industry is 'Steve Payne Photography'. Subjects ranging from  champagne pumping from a magnum to tomatoes splashed across a delivery van, all get captured to showcase this diverse talent. Tasteful use of props combined with meticulous attention to detail ensure that you will receive a quality service. 
In This Era of Digital technology a knolowege of photoshop is essential however Steve Belives in Capturing the image As close as possible to the brief so as little post production work is required saving the clients time and money

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